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Travel outside of Seoul! Come see Seosan

I've lived in Seosan for nearly a year and a half - a 'small' city in ChungCheongNam province (충청남도). Korean people like to say Seosan is small when they compare it to other cities such as Seoul , Busan , Daejon etc but to me it's a decently sized city! According to a 2015 census… Continue reading Travel outside of Seoul! Come see Seosan

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Christmas in Seosan | Vlog

Our first YouTube video is up! It took longer than expected but I learned a lot of new skills editing this video. https://youtu.be/rNZ-DGxNXb8 On Christmas Day my husband and I went to the ice rink in Lake Park in Seosan to do some ice skating and shoot some footage for our video. I can't skate… Continue reading Christmas in Seosan | Vlog

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Christmas Day 2018 in Seosan, Chungcheongnam-do

Last year we spent Christmas Day in Busan. This year we spent it in Seosan! Compared to last year the city has really improved on their Christmas decorations. Since Christmas isn't a big deal in Korea (compared to the UK) most of the stores were open. So we decided to go to Lake Park where… Continue reading Christmas Day 2018 in Seosan, Chungcheongnam-do

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Dog Cafe in Chungnam-do, Korea

As you might already know, I live in Korea but I don't live in Seoul. It's been difficult to find places where I can take my 8 month old puppy to play and meet other dogs. A few weeks ago my friend found a dog cafe in my city so we went there to see… Continue reading Dog Cafe in Chungnam-do, Korea

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Plans for 2019

Before I start writing about things I plan to accomplish in 2019, let's look at the things I accomplished in 2018.. Things accomplished in 2018 I feel like I didn't accomplish anything significant this year when I compare my accomplishments from last year. However, my life has changed greatly since last year.  Finished my 1… Continue reading Plans for 2019

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2 Days 1 Night Cruise in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

As part of our holiday to Vietnam, we visited Ha Long Bay which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Quang Ninh Province. My husband and I debated for about a week on which cruise company we should use as we had read so many mixed reviews on just about every company we researched. We… Continue reading 2 Days 1 Night Cruise in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

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What is it with drivers in Korea?

I was going to post about my time in Ha Long Bay in Vietnam but something happened over the weekend and I need to rant. Korea isn't as bad as some countries but there are many careless drivers in Korea. Possibly in part due to the fact people can get their license very quickly and… Continue reading What is it with drivers in Korea?