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I found a really great website for buying Korean books but…

Over the years I’ve seen really good websites that sell Korean merchandise and books. However my problem with them is the shipping fee. Since I live in the UK and the products are coming from Korea the shipping fee is always expensive which makes me really put off buying anything. Amazon is great but they are very limited with their Korean products on the UK website (I’ve been on the US version of Amazon and they have tonnes of stuff – a much more better variety of Korean books for example).

I’ve seen a few bloggers comment about an online bookstore called TwoChois. So I decided to check out the website yesterday and I was amazed by how much books they had. They have lots of books for learning Korean and novels written in Korean for all levels. I was really impressed and planned to buy a book that day. However when I checked the shipping fee I couldn’t see UK in the regions list. So I decided to pick any two books and then see what the shipping fee would be at the Check-out. I was shocked to find for the two books (they were both TOPIK related) the shipping fee would be £15 (around 30,000 won) on top of the £25 (around 45,000 won) it would cost for the two books alone. I was so disheartened but continued to look around the website. I’ve noticed they have ‘Free Shipping’ on some of their books so I may purchase one of those and see how good they are. 

I noticed on the website they are selling Reply 1997 (응답하라 1997) in novel form. I’ve never watch the drama but it was really popular and I regret not watching it because I love the Busan accent. They also have Reply 1997 for Free Shipping but it’s £10 (around 20,000 won) more than without it. I think it was classed under Books for Advanced Learners. I still consider myself halfway between Beginner and Intermediate so I think it’s way above my learning ability right now. Maybe I’ll buy in the near future if I’m feeling brave 🙂

In Summary:

  • I’m sad how expensive the shipping fee always is when I find brilliant websites for learning Korean.
  • I think TwoChois is a really amazing website and would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to learn Korean or just wants to read a book written in Korean.
  • I will definitely buy from their website in the future because the prices are really good (except the shipping fee but that will change depending which region you live in) and will do a review on the books I buy!



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