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Finally bought something from twoChois

Finally bought something from twoChois

After my last post I received some good comments about twoChois so I really wanted to buy from them. Today I finally did it ใ…‹

I bought the Sogang Korean 4A textbook because:
A) it is free shipping
B) levels 1-3 seemed really easy to me (from the preview pictures)

I initially was going to buy The Complete Guide to TOPIK Intermediate and a book to help me with Writing for the TOPIK exam but the total price including shipping would be wayy out of my comfort zone. Also I checked my bank and I have less than I thought. Sad times.

Anyway when the book arrives I’ll try it out and maybe do a review on it! I haven’t been able to continue studying Korean Grammar because the book is too heavy to take with me with all my other books for uni so for now I’ve stopped studying grammar.


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