TOPIK practice

Today I started preparing for the TOPIK exam. I am not sure which level I am so I started with the beginner exam paper for the 32nd topik exam. I wanted to do the exam honestly so I timed myself for the Vocab and Grammar and Writing section. I got 43 questions out of 45 correct so I was happy with that result.

I asked my boyfriend to check my short essay for the writing section. He highlighted my mistakes and told me better ways of saying sentences (see photo below). Although I got some mistakes I am really happy with my essay because it’s the first time I have wrote an essay without using a dictionary or translator and being timed.


Overall I am really pleased with my result. I still have to do the listening and reading paper but that will be harder to do unless i really concentrate. If those results are good too then I’ll move on to the intermediate exam.


EDIT: Just finished the Listening and Reading paper and got 54 out of 60. I think I’ll try another beginner exam paper and if I get another good score then I’ll definitely try the intermediate exam papers.


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