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Beautiful pictures! I love hanboks, they’re so elegant and beautiful ♡

My Very Own Yootopia



My mom and dad both immigrated to the U.S. in 1974 within months of each other. They got set up for a blind date in March 1980, got married May 1980, had my sister May 1981, and me August 1982 (I was a surprise baby! IUDs effective only when inserted correctly *wink*).

While American born, my family made sure we didn’t forget our Korean roots. One of my favorite things about our culture is the hanbok. I think they’re so pretty! I really wish I had more occasions to wear them. Here are some pictures I found of my family in traditional attire.

My maternal grandparents.



My paternal grandma helping my sister and me slice some homemade yakshik (Grandma’s is the best).



Me in red.



My sister in blue.


I think I was around 8 in the picture. I learned moo young (Korean traditional dancing)…

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