A Bizarre Trip to North Korea

On Twitter I came across a story of an underwear company (I’m guessing they are an underwear company considering their whole post is about giving North Koreans underwear) who made a poll about which country needed the most love. The answer was North Korea, Pyongyang. So one of the members actually went to N.Korea to give out pink underwear.

He documents the whole trip and has taken some beautiful photographs of North Korea. Read the whole story here:

P.s. In one of the photographs there is the tallest building in North Korea. I didn’t actually believe it existed. I have seen pictures on Google but I thought it was just a drawing of what it would like if it was built. Well, I guess it really was built haha.

The whole post makes me see North Korea in a new light. Although I would be quite uncomfortable walking around with guides 24/7 I think it would be a once in a lifetime experience. However I will not plan on seeing the dead bodies of Kim Il-Sung or Kim Jong-il. I find it quite weird that their bodies are on display and not buried…surely the bodies would have decayed so much by now?

Anyway, if you are interested in North Korea then definitely click on the link and read the blog!


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