[상속자들- The Heirs] 김우빈 류크설 Kim Woo-bin =Ryuk (Death Note)

Has anyone watched the drama ‘The Heirs’? Lee MinHo, Park ShinHye and Kim WooBin and others star in this drama and it’s really popular right now in Korea.

My boyfriend actually showed me this video on Facebook. If anyone has watched the anime or read the Manga ‘Death Note’ then you’ll love the video. If you have no idea what Death Note is then I’ll tell you. One day an extremely intelligent high school student named ‘Light’ finds a notebook lying outside. He picks it up, takes it home and a shinigami* appears infront of him to tell him if he writes someone’s name in the notebook then that person will die.

In this video Kim WooBin is portrayed as Light who writes in his notebook about Lee MinHo and Park ShinHye. Watch it and tell me what you think of it!


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