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Using Naver to learn Korean

In Korea Naver is like Google, every Korean person uses it to search things online. You can also check your emails (by making a naver account), check the news, most trending topics, search blogs etc.

It also has an online dictionary that has lots of different languages you can translate into. From what I’ve seen, foreigners either use Daum dictionary or Naver dictionary. They both do the same thing, I think it’s just about preference. Naver also has a function called ‘webtoon’ where you can read comics online in Korean. It’s really popular and most of the comics are free. You can also download the webtoon app onto your phone which is more convenient than looking through the Naver app trying to find it. I think Daum may also have a similar function but I haven’t used it so I don’t know which one is more popular with Korean people.

It’s really good if you want to practice your reading and if you like comics then it’s perfect. I like learning Korean through comics because it’s good to look at pictures so I can get the full meaning of the story.

What do you prefer using for your Korean studies – Naver or Daum?


4 thoughts on “Using Naver to learn Korean

    1. Yeah I prefer Naver too but I’ve seen a few bloggers who prefer Daum. I can’t remember if you need to register your ID to make an account with Daum but with Naver it’s so much simpler!

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