Working in Korea Poll Results

working in korea poll resultsLast year (in December) I asked about which type of job people wanted to work in if they could work in Korea. The pie chart above shows the result from the poll.

  • 40% of people chose ‘Other’ but they did not leave a comment as to what other profession they would like to be in so I really can’t comment on it, sorry.
  • Surprisingly teaching came last at 10% which is weird because people seem to think nearly every foreigner that works in Korea is a teacher yet these results show that teaching is the least wanted job. There’s lots of websites and support available online to those who want to teach in Korea such as http://www.teacheslkorea.com/http://www.epik.go.kr/index.dohttp://www.teach-english-korea.com/

As the results show people mostly wanted to be in the media or in business. However when you search these online you get nothing useful back. I think it would be really great if someone working in these industries in Korea wrote about it and how they managed to do it, whether it be by being transferred from their home country to Korea or if they went to Korea and searched for jobs or found an agency that searched for jobs for them. I think the first starting point is getting a university degree and learning Korean. I think you’d have a better chance at competing with other Korean people for a job if you know Korean really well. It would also help outside of work too if you ever did manage to get a job in Korea.

I found the perfect site for those wanting to look for the different types of jobs you can get in Korea apart from teaching: http://www.linkedin.com/job/l-korea-jobs
LinkedIn in a website where you can make good business connections and it’s legitimate.



3 thoughts on “Working in Korea Poll Results

  1. I love the idea of working in Korea, either temporary like a gap year or maybe something more permanent! I am one of those that don’t want to teach though and it seems non-teaching jobs for foreigners are hard to come by as for every one foreigner there are 100s of Koreans applying too!
    I work in care in the UK and that is what I would love to do if I were to work in Korea – no idea if that’s even an option though. We’ll see!

    1. Yeah, I’m the same! I would be more interested in business but I know it’s a very competitive market in Korea. My friend told me most univ graduates these days have like 3 majors so I’m really at a disadvantage because I’m only doing 1 at the moment.

      Oh wow, that seems like an interesting career choice. Hopefully someone has information about it! 🙂

      1. I work with people with learning disabilities but no idea if there’s a market for that!

        TOPIK guide blog has a few posts about scholarships out there for foreigners – you should check it out 🙂

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