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Weekly goal #1

I think this is the best way for me to keep track of my studies and to keep me motivated.  I start university next week so I want to do some major korean studying before going back.

My main goal for this week:

Read Harry Potter in Koreanevery day I plan to read at least one chapter and write down words I don’t know.

Other goals:
Watch 별에서 온 그대 Catch up on this drama and try to watch without subtitles.
Read more webtoons – I enjoy reading webtoons and it’s even more fun to read them in Korean.

These seem like relatively easy goals to accomplish for this week. I’ve been thinking of using Talk To Me In Korean (TTMIK) because I feel like I’m learning something when I learn grammar. I used to use their website all the time but I haven’t been on it for months. I occasionally watch their Youtube videos because I find some of them informative but usually I don’t keep up to date with TTMIK.


4 thoughts on “Weekly goal #1

  1. I hope you manage to read the book!! It would be no small feat if you read a book in Korean and HP’s books are thick xP Do you have a learning process or some suggestions for learning Korean?

    I’m currently learning verb and adjective conjugations after learning noun particles, and though I’ve learned them as concepts, it’s really hard to notice them when listening to something Korean or watching a show. I feel like I’m cramming my brain with all of those things but I don’t know how to apply them. I wish the book I have included exercises or something similar.

    I’ll check TTMK’s website for now~ Good luck, again.

    1. It’s weird but the HP books in Korean are split up into two parts (maybe so they won’t be so thick like the English ones?)

      When I first started learning Korean I used TTMIK because they taught lots of grammar points and useful vocabulary which I think is great. Back when I was using TTMIK a Korean social networking site called Me2Day was really popular so I joined the site to talk to people with stuff I learned which helped me remember certain words or verbs however at that time I didn’t have a learning process as such.

      I would say in order to help you remember what you’ve learned is to actually use them when talking to a Korean person. I guess talking to someone online is more convenient than talking to someone in real life. Thinking about it, I’m not even sure how I got to the stage I am because I haven’t really done anything (in my eyes). A book I bought that REALLY helped was ‘Basic Korean Grammar’ by Andrew Sangpil Byon. It tells you conjunctions and gives you lots of exercises. The only problem….is money. It was really pricey (I bought it from Amazon using gift vouchers)

      With Korean dramas it’s totally different because they talk much more faster. I usually watch them with English subtitles and if I keep hearing a word I’ll try pinpoint it to a certain word in the english translations. After a while I guess you just pick up certain phrases and remember them.

      Thank and you too! 🙂

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