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별에서 온 그대 Ending

[This post has spoilers!]

So….what the hell was that? I wasn’t that satisfied with the ending to be honest. I suppose it’s better than a typical drama ending. Why the hell was he transported into a wormhole instead of going back to his planet? I would have preferred it if he went back to his planet and Cheon Song Yi went with him later. That’s just my thoughts on it.

What did you think of the ending of the drama?


2 thoughts on “별에서 온 그대 Ending

  1. I thought it was all right. I like the talking about how he goes back and forth and isn’t always there. I think it seems more realistic than being able to stay so easily. I think it is better than a lot of the dramas that have been out recently.

    1. Yes I totally agree, I think it will be hard to find a drama that is on par with 별에서 온 그대!

      Thinking it over, the ending is more realistic but I wish there was…more, you know?

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