My biggest obstacle: Korean pronunciation

I find it very hard to pronounce certain words in Korean. For example, I find it very difficult to say any word with ‘려’ in it. I don’t know why but my tongue just doesn’t make the shape it is supposed to when saying words like 기다려. I’ve tried practicing with my boyfriend but I can never seem to get it right. It makes me less confident when speaking in Korean. I guess it’s a stupid reason because many people have difficulty saying words in English.

Tomorrow I’m going to be meeting 5 Korean guys who all go to university in Glasgow and as Koreans do…they drink a lot. So today we bought lots of 삼겹살 and 12 bottles of 소주….I think I might die with that amount ㅠㅠ When I drink a lot I speak in Korean quite often so I’ve decided to study really hard today and tomorrow afternoon so I have some good vocabulary remembered.

I’ve decided I’m going to really push myself with my Korean speaking. When I speak my accent is so bad and it’s just a mess really. I’m going to keep talking in Korean (I always promise to do this but I forget or I get too shy). Time to change.


2 thoughts on “My biggest obstacle: Korean pronunciation

  1. Yeah, it’s understandable. Pronouncing Korean sounds is super hard and it needs loads of practice to untangle your tongue to pronounce things properly.

    What I do personally when I’m watching a variety show or drama and I hear a difficult word to pronounce is pause the video and repeat that part, paying close attention to the shape of the lips and tongue. If you hear the pronunciation of the word using Google Translate, the ‘ㄹ’ has a very clean, sharp ‘r’ sound but I’m guessing you’re talking about the way many Koreans pronounce it (?).

    I think the ‘ㄹ’ part of 기다려 is pronounced with the ‘l’ sound at the end of 제발 first and then a soft and quick ‘r’ sound following it. It needs a little bit of tongue twisting XP

    (I hope that made sense)

    How was it meeting with those guys? Did you drink yourself to passing out? XD I wouldn’t be shocked with that much alcohol~~ Hehehehe

    1. Yeah the way Korean people say it is kind of different to what I thought it would sound like.

      Yeah it was good, at first we were all talking in Korean and then as the night went on everyone switched to English haha
      I didn’t pass out but I was pretty drunk like everyone else haha we finished the 12 bottles so quickly!

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