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I’ve seen many people online say that they don’t need to learn Hanja because it’s not widely used anymore. However, I’ve come to realise that learning Hanja will help a person to improve their Korean greatly. If you didn’t know, every Korean person will know how to write their name in Hanja and every symbol has a meaning. My boyfriend was taught Hanja along with Hangul until he finished high school so it is still important to know Hanja in Korean society today.

I’ve decided I will study Hanja over the next couple of days and then try to read a news article that has Hanja in it. I feel really motivated about this because if I can understand the meaning of a Hanja character then I feel like I’ve accomplished something. When I was younger I studied Japanese for about 2 years so I already know some Hanja (even if I don’t know how to pronounce the character in Korean).

I’m curious to know if anyone else who is studying Korean is also studying Hanja? Or will study Hanja later?
My Korean is nowhere near fluent but maybe it’s better to start early so Korean becomes easier.

Links to learning Hanja:






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