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These days…

I feel like my Korean learning isn’t going anywhere…

The problem with self-studying is that it’s so easy to give up because there’s no-one to nag you to do homework or to revise vocabulary.

I’ve been living with a Korean person for about 9 months now and my Korean ability hasn’t improved. At all.

Why? Partly because I haven’t made enough effort as I should have (no point in lying to myself) and partly because we speak English 99% of the time. I’ve only got myself to blame. Although, whenever my boyfriend sees a foreigner speak Korean and they have a ‘weird’ accent he will make fun of it. It totally disheartens me from trying to speak to him in Korean because I have a terrible accent and I can’t speak ‘like’ a Korean person yet.ย 

However, after watching this episode of Happy Together with Fabien, Samย Otswiri, Sam Hammington and Robert Holley I decided I should make more of an effort with my Korean because these guys are just amazing. I’ve just started my Summer Holidays so I have enough time to read some Korean books, learn more vocabulary and practice speaking in Korean.

I am determined to improve my speaking first because I want to surprise my boyfriend with my progress when he comes back from Korea in September. Does anyone have any good advice on speaking in Korean?ย 


9 thoughts on “These days…

  1. I know what you mean! As foreigners, we only need to know so much, the rest we have to go quite out of our way to use it. I still take weekly lessons (although temporally suspended while I’m in the UK) but they only go so far. I’ve started to casually learn some random things because they are fun. Fun things sick in my mind more and the land get a kick out of the words /phrases I’ve picked up.

  2. I have Korean friends also, but I always try to reply them in Korean lol!!! Some of them are sort of used to it, so kind of chat in Korean. I just watched the aforementioned episode yesterday night. I was so proud of them and it really motivated to keep learning.

  3. I’m a BA Korean student at SOAS (but I’m originally from Glasgow). Just finished my year abroad in Korea and my Korean is still a little unsatisfactory! (to me). It’s difficult, especially when you hit the transition from Intermediate to Advanced. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ My advice is just to force yourself to speak it as much as you can. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Korea/Korean language!

  4. I also watched that episode. I had a good laugh. If you’re ok in talking to strangers online, you can try sharedtalk and practice speaking in Korean

  5. Hi! A great post and one I can certainly relate to. I have Korean friends who are similarly ‘supportive’ and it is really disheartening. It’s as if they forgot the struggles they had learning English, because we ALL have them.
    But perservere – make an excuse to say something in Korean everyday. Ask for directions when you know the way, try out a new phrase here and there in even the most mundane exchanges…
    …and if you start a conversation in Korean don’t let the person flip it into English (this happens in shops all the time!).
    Best of luck!

    1. Yeah, I find it’s really difficult to keep the conversation in Korean even if it’s online because Korean people usually reply in English.

      Thank you for your kind words!

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