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Korean study resumes today!

I’ve just recovered from the worse hangover ever… I still don’t think I’m fully healed but I have to go volunteer today. I am praying my stomach doesn’t decide to hate me when I’m outside. Yesterday reminded me why I don’t drink / why I hate drinking.

In other news, I’ve decided to study Korean seriously again. Even if it’s only for a few hours per day. I tried to find study partners who were either learning Korean or Korean people who were learning English in Glasgow. However, the search wasn’t successful – the only website I found that was relevant was mylanguageexchange.com – and so I haven’t studied Korean at all this year. I guess everyone goes through a phase where they lose motivation but if they are serious in learning a language they’ll continue to do it. I just need that motivation/ a goal to work towards.

I am going to buy a diary and split up my time for university work, volunteering, studying Korean, and other hobbies. I feel like I need to focus on vocabulary and look over grammar again. Today I’m going to focus on vocabulary by trying to read a novel or manhwa and write down words I don’t know. If I start with something light then it’ll be better for me because my brain won’t hurt from all the sudden studying (haha).

Goals for this week:

  1. Read one chapter of a novel or manhwa and write down vocab I don’t know (every day)
  2. Start research for my university reports (need to buy notebooks and diary)
  3. Start knitting Miley a cardigan for her Christmas (buy wool and choose a pattern to do)
  4. Look at paid internships (go to meeting on Wednesday)

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