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엄청 기뻐요! 🙂

Today I received the best news ever! After I wrote my last post I received a phone call the next day for a phone interview for a jewellery shop and then they invited me to a face to face interview. It was the most intense interview I’ve ever done – I had to sell the interviewer a watch! Today I got a phone call back saying I was successful in getting the job! 🙂

I’m so happy because it’s my first real paid job! I’ve been searching since I was 16 years old and now I finally have one 😀 It’s only a temporary Christmas job but I’m fine with that. It’ll give me real experience and hopefully help me in the future to get a permanent job.

In other news that is related to Korean, I had a conversation in Korean the other day! It was a big achievement for me because in the 3 years I’ve studied Korean I have not had a proper conversation before. The reason? My own shyness. Every time I would try speak in Korean it was like my brain sent signals to my tongue and stopped me talking. It was like a mental barrier was put up to prevent me from doing it. It was horrible.

The other night I just suddenly started speaking Korean with my boyfriend. It felt so good to finally talk in Korean after all these years. My pronunciation is horrible but if I speak slowly and clearly enough my boyfriend can understand what I’m saying!

It really opened my eyes on what I need to do next – study vocabulary! The more words I know the better the conversation will flow. That’s my plan for the weekend sorted 🙂


4 thoughts on “드디어!!

  1. I feel shy speaking to my (Korean) boyfriend in Korean and initially he laughs at my accent. Until I started warning him against that, else I’ll stop speaking Korean again 😀 He’s quite a lousy teacher, but a great language partner. I think that’s great for us to continue learning Korean with their support ^^

    1. My boyfriend is the same – he laughs at my accent but I keep telling him I won’t speak with him if he keeps doing it. Yeah it’s good to have support from someone to keep you motivated! 🙂

  2. Congratulations for your new job! Sounds exciting! And you have a boyfriend to help, that’s awesome.

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