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My boyfriend has been using this site called ‘today humor’ since I met him but I’ve never used the site myself…until today. The website layout is so old fashioned (I have no idea why) and to navigate through the different forum topics you have to click on the picture icon for it….it’s pretty hard to get used to to be honest. However, it is a useful website if you have a question about literally anything (there’s loads of topics to choose from) and you will get answers from native Koreans (because it’s only famous in Korea).

A few famous foreigners in Korea such as 영국남자 uses it, although I haven’t seen his posts yet, so I decided I wanted to make an account today. It was pretty easy to set up – you need a naver email address to register – and you can post straight away. Although I can’t ‘recommend’ (similar to ‘like’ on Facebook) any post any the moment because I’ve just joined. I think I might need to wait 24 hours.

So, I decided to post my first question in the ‘animation’ section and I asked in Korean ‘what’s the most popular anime in Korea these days?’ and the majority of the replies had recommendations but they also mentioned that I must be a foreigner because the Korean is so weird. I felt quite embarrassed because I thought I had made a mistake and someone even commented that it looked like I had translated the question (which I hadn’t).

I had wrote this ‘요즘 한국에서는 제일 유명하는 애니메를 무엇인가요?’
I wanted to write formally and correctly but I guess it looked weird because I didn’t write in slang/informal Korean??
Honestly, I always get mixed up on when to use ‘를/을’ and ‘가/이’ even though it’s been to explained to me. I’m not sure if I’ll ever understand when to use which one!! So I guess I might have used the wrong one and so it looked strange…I guess I’ll never know.

It’s made me want to not post on the site again in case people make fun of my Korean. Honestly, they didn’t have to point out that I was a foreigner, they could have just answered my question. I don’t know, I just feel ‘weird’ about it.

Has anyone used the site before?
The link is here : http://www.todayhumor.co.kr/


13 thoughts on “Today Humor

  1. I disagree with the wandereslife ^^ .

    “There’re are always bad comments in korean websites”.

    ehhh…There are hardly any kinds of “bad comments” in the “Korean” websites where I go usually…Maybe his opinion is right in the “bigger scale of portal sites” where tens of millions of people are using but I think it applies to pretty much every “bigger” websites on earth, ex Youtube haha. If someone just insists “every korean websites has bad comments” (I don’t know who can decide “bad comments btw) that is more or less “bad” prejudice , bias or racism.

    Plus I think Today’s Humor is much more recommendable site than pann or ilbe (obviously). In my opinion pann is not really better than ilbe. It has its own worst people who has all kinds wrong prejudice to some specific people such as “married Korean men” etc. It is like a female ver. ilbe, least saying. They tend to make “baseless” negative bias against to married Korean men or their family. (esp 결혼/시집/친정 of them). In short ilbe can be very unpleasant for women, Likewise, pann can be very unpleasant for men sometimes.

    In addition, 99% of Today’s Humor’s user is very liberal (in political, social, and economic way) and women-friendly so if you are not far-right or extremely conservative, you can enjoy Today’s Humor very well. There are only few of “bad” comments, if I should say that again lol, compared to other bigger communities, because the users tend to self-clean themselves.

    So I think your boyfriend has very sound taste in internet surfing =) I hope you can enjoy in Korean communities!! oh btw, I recommend PGR21(www.pgr21.com too! It is a Korean esports communities ^^

  2. Hey Danielle I am glad you are trying to write something Korean in Korean site! Your sentence is very accurate so good job on that! ^^ but I think its more awesome if you wirte 애네메이션 rather than just 애니메 😀

  3. 오유.. I don’t want to recommend this website. 일간베스트( so called 일베)is even worse than that. There’re are always 악성 댓글(bad comments) in korean websites. Maybe… Nate Pann is a little bit better.

  4. 요즘 한국에서 제일 인기많은 만화가 뭐예요? If you meant “Anime”, we write that “아니메” but.. It doesn’t sound natural and ” 아니메” means usually japanese animations.

  5. Hey don’t worry about it 🙂 Keep posting on Korean forums because it’s good practice!

    Descriptive 하다 verbs tend to become 한, regardless of the tense, when used as a modifier to a noun. So 유명하는 ___ would actually be 유명한 ___.

    That being said, 유명하다 isn’t the verb you want to use. 인기가 있다 would make more sense in this context.

    I’m not Korean but I would have said:
    “요즘 한국에선 제일 인기가 있는 애니메 뭐예요?”

    Shortening 한국에서는 to 한국에선 is just a stylistic choice you see quite a bit of online.

    ‘를/을’ is used with action verbs and ‘가/이’ is used with descriptive verbs.

    Hope that helps

    1. Hello there!
      I don’t know why but ‘인기가 있는 애니메’ didn’t come to mind even though I knew it would make more sense. I can’t even edit the post, oh well, I’ll remember for next time!
      I thought ‘-뭐예요’ would be too….I don’t know, informal? That’s why I went for ‘-무엇인가요’. I guess I forgot it was a forum that many Korean people use so textbook Korean wouldn’t be used (plus it’s online). Thanks for the help! 🙂

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