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TwoChois does it again

Once again, I’ve been completely satisfied with my purchase from TwoChois! I bought my TOPIK preparation book from them at the end of October and I received it yesterday. I was amazed at how much care they actually take in wrapping the items – everything is bubble wrapped so it doesn’t get damaged in transit and they even gave me a personalised  hand written message which is touching. I know a lot of people have said this but TwoChois really are a great website to but Korean books from. I highly recommend them!

Along with the TOPIK book they gave me a notebook for free which will be really useful when I am doing the practice questions. Thanks TwoChois ^_^


Onto the book itself:

So far it’s been really informative about the changes from the old format to the new. Also, it explanations how you should answer different types of questions. I haven’t tried the practice questions yet but I look forward to testing them to see what score I get.


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