One Test Paper a Day: 41st TOPIK Test Paper (TOPIK I)

열심히 공부해서 이제 머리가 아프네요 ㅋㅋ

글을 쓰기 후에 Netflix에서 영화를 보려고 해요 🙂

On such a horrible, wet and windy day like today what better way to spend it than to study Korean?

I was going to jump right into my prep book for TOPIK II but I decided to start with a test paper from one of the TOPIK I tests to gauge how far my Korean has come since starting Korean lessons. Boy my head sure does hurt! I took the 41st TOPIK I test, which is the latest from the website I used to download the test from, and I could tell exactly where 1급 ended and 2급 started. The paper wasn’t hard but I haven’t listened to Korean or read passages in Korean that intently before so my head started to hurt after the listening audio file ended.

I got 94/100 for listening and 96/100 for reading which brings the total to 190/200 = 2급 pass! I’m actually proud of myself because I did it under exam conditions, I didn’t stop the audio once or repeat a question and I timed myself for the reading. I do admit: there were some words I did not understand but I managed to get the answers right by understanding the context of the question/situation. I was going to try the 41st TOPIK II test but my head hurts and I don’t think I’d be able to concentrate because of it.

So, I have made a plan to do one test paper a day, if i can, starting from TOPIK I and then moving onto TOPIK II. That way, once I feel comfortable that I can pass 2급 with no problems I can start to focus soley on TOPIK II. The only problem with doing the TOPIK II tests online is that you can’t mark your own writing level. I don’t know how the examiners mark the writing section but it is impossible for me to judge my own writing and get an accurate Level result.

Anyone got any good suggestions on how to prepare for the writing section?

P.s, it was very tempting to use a dictionary when I encountered a word I didn’t know. Are you allowed a dictionary into the exam?

If you want to try the latest test for yourself, here is the link to the files:



2 thoughts on “One Test Paper a Day: 41st TOPIK Test Paper (TOPIK I)

  1. The writing section is pretty much impossible to score yourself so you have to go by fingerspitzengefühl on that one. No dictionaries are allowed… it’s aaaaall by memory 🙂

    1. Oh dear, well, at least I know now! haha

      I guess uploading texts to Lang-8 and getting people to correct it might be worth trying in order to gauge my writing ability.

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