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36th test TOPIK I

It’s been about a week since I last did a TOPIK test paper and I feel more familiar with the format so it’s not as stressful to focus solely on the paper with minor distractions in the background. I managed to achieve 180/200 on the 36th test (TOPIK I) which is a 2급 pass but I made more mistakes on the listening this time which I’m disappointed about.

I also made small, silly mistakes by forgetting what 계절 meant and so chose the wrong answer. However, I will make sure not to forget that word again! Truthfully, I found that the 36th test had more words I was not familiar with which made the reading ever so slightly more difficult but I still succeeded so I am pleased.

I read that the new TOPIK format changed beginning from the 35th test so I only have 1 more test to do in the new format. I feel more accustomed to the new format (for TOPIK I) now anyway and I feel confident I would achieve a level 2 pass if I took the test next year.

My next plan of action is to research/google what other people have said about their experience with TOPIK II as it is such a large difference from TOPIK I. I think if I just jumped into a past paper I would fail so badly as I don’t know what kind of questions they will ask or what they are looking for. Luckily, that’s where my TOPIK prep book comes in handy!

열심히 하겠습니다!

Take the 36th TOPIK I test for yourself: http://www.topikguide.com/download-36th-topik-test-papers/


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