Q&A with my boyfriend [Video] Part 1

I thought I would try something different with my channel and someone suggested I do a Q&A with my boyfriend so we filmed it! I didn’t realise the amount of time it would take to answer the questions we got so it has to be split into parts [part 2 coming soon]. I actually downloaded Adobe Premiere Pro (free trail) because I am sick of Windows Movie Maker. Adobe Premiere Pro is 10 times better!! I actually felt professional while editing our video and felt I could do a lot more with it than I could Windows Movie Maker. Now, if I wanted to purchase the editing software I could get it for £18 per month but it wouldn’t have everything – if I wanted the whole package I would have to pay £45 per month which is too much for me at the moment. However, they are doing a student offer for the full package at £15 per month for a year then it switches to the full price but I can cancel before it does that. After using the free trial I am very tempted to just go ahead and purchase the student offer because it is a great tool for editing. On the downside it took 1 hour to encode from the Adobe format to a Youtube friendly format. Then it took another hour to upload onto Youtube. Although, I think it’s because of the length of the video (it’s 20 minutes long).

In the video we answer questions such as ‘how was it meeting for the first time’ ‘how did you survive the long distance relationship’ and ‘career goals’. It was actually really fun and I felt like we were just having a talk to each other. I really like my camera but I feel like the quality of the videos are not as good as other people’s on Youtube but that might just be because they spent a lot of money on their camera. Also, it might be because I don’t have it at the right settings and that’s why the quality isn’t as good! It’s a learning curve for me at the moment but I am enjoying it non-the-less.

See the video below:


See Part 2 here :


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