Beware of con artists.

Source: Job Scams in China: Being gullible is not an excuse

Why am I not surprised to hear about something like this? Companies love to take advantage of gullible people and unfortunately not everyone knows it’s fake until it’s too late.

Similar situation happened to my boyfriend when he wanted to come here to study: he used an agency to do all the paperwork and payments. The agency they used was not online though – he met with them in PERSON several times to fill out paperwork and so on but they still scammed him. He arrived here and was told accommodation and university fees had not been paid at all. It was probably the worst time of his life and for his family who had paid all this money to the agency TRUSTING them to actually process the fees for them. It wasn’t just him though, hundreds of Korean people were stranded in the UK having nowhere else to go and needless to say the owner had run off with the money and was suspected to be hiding in China. 3 years later and no one has seen any of the money back.

Watch out for scammers people!  Actually research companies/agencies thoroughly before accepting any offer whether it be for a job or to study.


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