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My schedule for February 2016

I realised today that there’s just over 2 months left until the TOPIK exam in April! It scares me because since December I haven’t studied any Korean. Like, ANY. I’ve been so absorbed with work and the dissertation and the thought of my future. It’s the beginning of a new month and I want to focus on the things I need to, instead of worrying about the future that I have no control over right now.

This month I will be taking the TEFL course and start the online section of it. I’m excited and more confident than ever about my decision to move to teach English. I know the intake for Korea is usually around August and March time so once I graduate I’m going to start preparing the paperwork so I can start applying as soon as possible.

Also, this month I will be booking my ticket to Korea. I’ve got 4 weeks off work to go so the plan is to go on the 13th May until 12th June. The weather won’t be the warmest but it will be a lot better than it will be in the UK! Once the tickets are booked I’ll feel more motivated to study Korean harder than ever. I haven’t been to my Korean class since mid December (the term ended at that time for the Winter) because of my work schedule. The class starts at 6pm but I finish work at 5:45pm (on the rota sheet) but I normally get out at 6pm so it’s really hard because I’m late all the time. So, I’m thinking about changing to be an online student instead, that way I’m not completely giving it up.

The schedule for February 2016:

  • Wake up at 6am on the days I have university to study Korean for an hour.
  • Wake up at 9am on the days I do not have university or work to study Korean for 2 hours.
  • 6pm – 7pm is an hour of university work.
  • 7pm- 8pm is an hour of Korean study.
  • 8pm – 9pm is gym time.


I have discovered a good service called Audible where you can listen to books on the go. Is there a similar service for Korean books? I do not have an iPhone so it’d have to be available on the Google play store. I’m really interested in learning Korean when I’m on the go. I’ve been listening to a book on Audible for a while now every time I go to work and I like it a lot more than I was expecting to. Any suggestions would be great!



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