Things never go to plan

So much time has passed since my last proper post on my blog. I was busy with my dissertation and balancing work at the same time. As expected, things never to plan…

I’m not taking the TOPIK exam in April as planned. Why? Because I didn’t have any holidays to take at work due to my 4 week holiday in Korea. So, because of that I didn’t apply for the TOPIK exam in April because I just wouldn’t get the time off to do it as it is on a Saturday and I always work weekends. The deadline to apply was in February so once I found out I didn’t have any holidays left I just decided to postpone it until later in the year.

I’m leaving my job before I go to Korea so my boyfriend and I decided to extend our holiday by an extra 2 weeks. It was a tough decision as the money is good and my co-workers are lovely but I felt that if I didn’t leave at that time I just wouldn’t leave at all. I’ll miss my graduation ball because of this extension but I am not disappointed because I can spend my extra time in Korea. I’ll make it back in time for graduation though, which is more important!

I said to Simon that I’d apply for jobs in a PC room just before we’re about to go back to the UK and he laughed because no-one goes to PC rooms to actually ‘do stuff’ except play video games! He said he wasn’t even sure the computers had word documents, since he’s never used them for that purpose.

I’ve had to become an online student at my Korean classes due to work and university. I was always given a closing shift on Fridays and although I was supposed to finish at 5:45 on the rota I didn’t actually get out the building until after 6pm which was when the classes would begin. So I told the teacher I would prefer to be an online student rather than miss the classes altogether.

Things really don’t go the way you expect them to :/


One thought on “Things never go to plan

  1. Oh, indeed. They never go as planned. That’s why I’ve dropped the whole idea of planning altogether. (I bet you have already graduated, since the post is from April? so congrats!)

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